R-One Pod or Romantic One because our founder’s spouse smoked cigarettes. He developed this company and called it R-One or Romantic One because everything began with him trying to assist his ONLY ONE in quitting smoking.

Package Included:

  • Pack of 3 pods

Compatible Device:

  1. Mocha Coffee Ice
  2. Long Jing Tea
  3. 100 Plus
  4. Blackcurrant
  5. Green bean Ice
  6. Cola Ice
  7. Old Popsicle
  8. Blueberry Ice
  9. Banana Ice
  10. Passion Ice
  11. Pineapple Ice
  12. Cool Mint
  13. Energy Drink (Redbull)
  14. Grape Ice
  15. Mango Ice
  16. Peach Ice
  17. Strawberry Ice
  18. Watermelon Ice
  19. Melon Ice
  20. Taro Ice Cream
  21. Lychee Ice
  22. yakult
  23. classic tobacco

100 PLUS, Banana, Blackcurrent, Blueberry, Cola, Cool mint, Energy drink, Grape, Green bean, Long Jing tea, Lychee, Mango, Melon, Mocha coffee, Passion, Peach, Pineapple, Popsicle, Strawberry, Taro ice cream, Watermelon


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