Vape Cam 12000


Vape Cam 12000 Puff 

The Vape Cam 12000 Puff Disposable Vape is a pre-filled disposable vape device with adjustable airflow and LED integration. Discover more about this popular vape option in Singapore.


  • 650 mAh built-in battery
  • Prefilled Ex-able Cart
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Led integrated 

Vape Cam Flavour:

  • Blueberry Jam
  • Kiwi Passion Aloe Vera
  • Solero Ice Cream
  • Sundate Ice Cream
  • Mango Blackcurrant
  • Mango Peach Yogurt
  • Grape Yogurt
  • Grape Apple
  • Rainbow Ice Cream
  • Original Yakult
  • Coconut Ice Cream
  • Guava Lychee
  • Kiwi Passion Aloe Vera
  • Lychee Longan
  • Kiwi Lime Pear
  • Mango Yogurt
  • Peach Yogurt
  • Pineapple Orange
  • Strawberry Kiwi Candy
  • Tropical Island

Blueberry Jam, Coconut Ice Cream, Grape Apple, Grape Yogurt, Guava Lychee, Kiwi Lime Pear, Kiwi Passion Aloe Vera, Lychee Longan, Mango Blackcurrant, Mango Peach Yogurt, Mango Yogurt, Original Yakult, Peach Yogurt, Pineapple Orange, Rainbow Ice Cream, Solero Ice Cream, Strawberry Kiwi Candy, Sundate Ice Cream, Tropical Island


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